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Information regarding Repeat Prescriptions

Ordering your repeat perscription

If your pet receives long term medication then please ring or email the surgery should you require a repeat prescription.


Please order your prescription at least 48 hours before you need it via PetsApp, telephone 01969 444201 OR email

Please let us know the name of your pet, the name of the medication, and the dose that you are giving. For non-controlled medicines we are happy to dispense up to three months worth of medication. We can only dispense Controlled drugs, one month at a time. 

We are happy to do online prescriptions should you require us to do so. Please contact us for more information. 

Repeat prescription checks - why are they needed?

This health check is essential as it allows us to continue to legally dispense medication for your pet. Medications that we prescribe to our patients must be dispensed by a licensed veterinary surgeon, from a licensed premises, so the small cost of a repeat perscription check not only allows us to check your pet is as healthy as possible, but also allows us to run our dispensary. 

This appointment will also provide you with the opportunity to discuss any changes that you may have seen in your pet. 

It is our policy that patients must receive a repeat prescription check every 6 months. 

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