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Our emergency service 

Should you require our assistance out of hours (after 6pm till 8.30am) , then please ring  01969 422201

You will diverted to the on duty vet or an assistant. If the vet does not answer straight away please hold or leave a message.

We will do everything we can to attend your emergency as quickly as possible. 

There will be an additional fee for consultations seen out of hours. 


Our day vets are our night vets, so please only use this service  if you have a true emergency. The vets do not live on the premises so please be patient while they try to arrange consultations. 

Hopsitalised Cases

We do not have any staff on site 24/7. Any patients needing overnight care will recieve regular checks as deemed necessary by the on duty vet. 

If you would prefer intensive care we can refer you to one of the Veterinary Hospitals in the area. Unfortunately, we would not be able to transport your pet. 

The most critical cases will always take priority. 

This service is for registered clients only


There is an additional fee for unregistered clients should they wish to use this service

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