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Equine Services 

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Should the care of your horse extend beyond the level of our services we have teamed up with Hambleton Equine Clinic, the largest independent equine practice in the North of England.  In some cases, this will lead to a referral to their state of the art clinic near Stokesley, or in others, a case collaboration.  There is a team of 12 experienced equine vets including specialists in a range of disciplines who will be on hand to work with us.  Furthermore, with a range of portable equipment we will be able to work with Hambleton to bring that service to your door.  For more information about Hambleton Equine Clinic please visit their website here.

Our vets are experienced mixed animal practitioners. We have an amazing network of support with other vet practices and strive to provide the Dales with good quality, friendly and cost effective treatment. 

Our Services

  • First opinion consultations

  • Vaccinations

  • Dental Examinations with manual floats

  • Passports and microchips

  • Worm counts

  • Emergency consultations for registered clients

Preventative Care Plan

As of the 1st of August 2020 we will offer a Preventative Care Plan for our Equine Patients. This will allow you to pay a monthly amount to spread out the cost of your Horse's routine veterinary care. 

For £8.00 a month you will get:

  • Annual Booster 

  • Annual dental check with manual tooth rasp 

  • 4 faecal worm egg counts 

  • 1 Equine Wormer - Pyratape P

  • Free Visits for routine work on a Tuesday

  • 20% off routine dental check up and rasp from The Equine Veterinary Dentist LTD (terms and conditions apply)


For more information please contact the clinic on 01969 422201 or drop us an email at

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