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Farm Services

  • 24 hour, 7 days a week vet availability

  • Modern cattle scanner for routine fertility work

  • Herd and Flock Health Plans

  • TB testing (private and government testing)

  • In House laboratory (faecal worm egg counts and blood sampling)

  • Young stock routine work (castrates, disbuds, nipping)

  • Post-mortem examinations & a close working relationship with Farm Post Mortem Ltd

  • Emergency and routine surgery 

  • Cattle foot trimming

  • OPA scanning for sheep

We kindly request 24 hours notice on drug orders (Friday orders arrive on Monday at 8:30am) . 

Medicines can be ordered over the telephone, PetsApp or by emailing your order to

At Leyburn we have facilities to hospitalise small ruminants and assisted lambing's if needed. 

Our Hawes branch is open for advice, and to order and collect drugs. 

For our farm clients : Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 

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