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Pet Bereavement

As a pet owner this can be one of the hardest decisions we have to make

Grieving for the loss of a pet, whether through death, parting or enforced separation, can be a sad and difficult experience. Life once filled with the love and friendship of a pet, may suddenly seem very empty and feelings of deep sadness and loneliness are not uncommon. Should you need support please get intouch or contact the Blue Cross pet loss support team, 

Making final arrangements for your pet can be challenging but we are here to support you, whether you choose to visit the surgery or request a home visit. 

What about after?

There are many options : you may choose to take your pet home for burial, or you may choose to have your pet individually cremated and returned to you. If you choose communal cremation your pet is still treated with upmost respect and care. 

We work closely with a Veterinary Education Gifting program whereby the loss of your sick pet helps care for sick animals in the future. 

A priceless Gift...

Saying goodbye to a much-loved pet is one of the hardest aspects of pet ownership.

The Veterinary Education Pet Gifting Programme is one way of ensuring that the loss of your pet helps sick animals in the future. Improve International, one of the UK’s leading veterinary-training companies, uses pets after they have been put to sleep to help qualified veterinary professionals perfect the latest techniques.

A Priceless gift to Veterinary Education

As pet owners, we rely on veterinary surgeons and nurses to care for our pets during their lifetime. Our training programmes help vets and vet nurses to learn new skills and develop new procedures that immediately benefit pets in their clinics. By gifting your pet’s body to Improve’s Veterinary Education Pet Gifting Programme you can make a lasting contribution to the training of veterinary surgeons. They will be deeply grateful for the gift you are giving them and treat your animal with respect and dignity at all times.

What are the next steps? When the time comes to say goodbye to your pet, your veterinary practice will give you the option of donating his or her body for educational purposes. Once the teaching procedures have been completed we will arrange for your pet to be individually cremated and their ashes returned to you, as a thank you for your gift to the programme. Alternatively, your pet can be cremated along with others and we will make a donation to a charity of your choice.* 

Your pet will be remembered in our Memorial Book with gratitude for the contribution they have made.

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