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Complementary Therapies


Acupuncture is the practice of inserting fine, solid needles into the body for pain relief. It works through the nervous system by blocking pain messages and encouraging the body's natural pain killers. Amy (one of our vets) has completed the foundation course run by the Western Veterinary Acupuncture Group and performs acupuncture sessions here at the practice. 

This can be extremely effective for chronic pain, particularly osteoarthritis in animals.


Hydrotherapy is a great way to keep your pet fit. We know that obesity is the biggest contributor to deteriorating osteoarthritis due to extra weight causing excess strain on the joints. Hydrotherapy is a fantastic way to help your pet lose weight and improve muscle mass in order to improve their quality of life. It also assists with rehabilitation after an injury or surgery and helps get you pet bouncing back to normal activity!

For Dogs, Jemma Asher at Wensleydale Hydrotherapy provides  puppy swims, fun and fitness swims and rehabilitation. We are happy to refer you here after a quick health check. More information about Jemma and her fantastic facilities can be found at

Hydrotherapy rehabilitation is also available in our area for Horses. The water treadmill allows controlled movement with less load bearing on joints. As well as helping horses get back to full strength after an injury, it can can several benefits for horses requiring general physiotherapy. Thorpe Farm Rehab and Fitness in Great Smeaton, Northallerton provide several rehabilitation and fitness programmes for horses. For more information please see their website

Bach Remedies and Reiki

As a practice we strive to promote the advancement of veterinary medicine through scientific research and principles. However, we are proud to acknowledge and understand the advantages people find in complementary therapies. We respect the statement made by the RCVS in November 2017 but are happy to direct you to a trusted colleague when desired. Elizabeth Carter (BFRAP and Master Animal Reiki Practitioner) provides Bach Flower Remedies and Reiki for any animal with behavioural or emotional problems. Further information can be found here

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