• Becky Piper

Ruby and her Sticky Situation

Updated: Oct 6, 2020


The beautiful 9 month old Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla gave her owner Janet quite the fright recently.

Janet brought Ruby in to see our vet Becky when she was lacking the crazy enthusiasm Ruby was usually full of. Ruby hadn't eaten her breakfast that morning and had been sick. She was very painful in her abdomen and she was admitted to the hospital for some intravenous fluids and pain relief. While in the surgery, Ruby's condition deteriorated. She had an x-ray of her abdomen but it didn't show any blockages. Ruby continued to get worse and we knew we had to make an important decision, so we took Ruby to theatre for an operation called an "exploratory laparotomy". We had

to investigate what was going on in her abdomen that was making her so sick and so painful. On investigation we found a sharp, thin piece of wood that had pierced through Ruby's intestine. Because of the trauma to the piece of gut we had to remove the damaged section and re-suture the ends together.

Ruby recovered well from the surgery and stayed the night with us in the hospital to make sure she had the best care. On further investigation we suspect the small piece of wood may have been a chewed up kebab stick that Ruby must have sneakily pinched from a BBQ!

Ruby is back to her old self and keeping Janet on her toes. She was unlucky that this small piece of wood had turned in the wrong direction and pierced the gut, but SO lucky that owner Janet noticed she wasn't right so early on. This meant we were able to get her to surgery before any damaging infection had occurred.

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