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June- Moss & Sandra

For June, we have decided to choose the first patient that walked through our door. ‘Moss’ a 1 year old Labrador, owned by Sandra Lambert, had been suffering with recurrent eye infections, and despite treatment was still getting eye infections, and eye ulcers.

After examination we could see that his eyelashes were still rubbing against his eyes causing irritation. This is due to a medical condition he has been born with called Entropion: the eyelid (usually lower lid) folds inward, allowing the eyelashes to irritate the eye.

The treatment for entropion is surgical correction. A small section of skin is removed from the affected eyelid to reverse its inward rolling. It is challenging surgery as it is very easy to under-correct, or over correct the condition. We must consider very carefully the amount of skin we need to remove. This is made even harder when the animals are asleep under general anaesthetic, as their eyelids become naturally droopy!

Moss was admitted to our hospital for his eye operation. He was a star patient and recovered well from surgery, returning home within a few hours. Yesterday we removed the remaining stitches from under his eyes and we hope that you agree, he looks fabulous! No more sore eyes, and a happy dog.

Thank you to Moss and Sandra Lambert for being our first featured ‘case of the month’.

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